1. How do I get on the subscription list?

A: Sign up to our subscription under the Subscription Sign-Up Page. Signing up to the email list ensures that you will receive our release date information (time, date and location of pick-ups), and news about other events.

Signing up to the email list does not confirm your place on a particular release date. 

After you receive the email, you must confirm your spot, by clicking on the link within the email or going to our online store and clicking on the appropriately dated item. 

A reminder email will be sent out 1 day prior to the pick up date. 

2. What if I can't make the pre-set pick up date? 

If you are unable to make the pre-assigned dates for pick up, you must contact us to let us know, so that we can work with you to make alternative arrangements. On occasion, we do arrange to have folks pick up their orders at our production facility, but this is not a retail location, and therefore it is not always possible for us to do this. 

2. How much does the subscription cost?

A: The cost varies with what we are offering but it is usually $35.00 per release date.

3. Do I have to sign up for more than one month at a time?

A: No! You can decide each time we send out the email if you wish to purchase at that time. Alternatively you can pre-purchase multiple releases, and decide as to when you would like to pick up your cheeses. To purchase multiple releases (subscriptions) you can email connect@blueheroncheese.com

We also offer gift certificates for giving to friends, family, or yourself. We will soon be posting 3, 6, and 12 month pre-purchase options in the online store. 


4. What are the payment options?

A: You can pay via email transfer, or cash, debit, and credit (at time of the pick up). Soon we will have online purchasing available. 

5. How do I receive my cheeses?

A: Two to four times a month we release cheeses as they are ready. Date of the release is sent to email list, but location information is released only to those who are confirmed (see above for confirmation process). 


6. What do I get with the subscription?

A: You receive a selection of 2-3 cheeses/sauces, and 1-2 culinary features that are ready at the preset date. This will depend upon what is ready within the working inventory or what is seasonally available.  Each cheese takes a different amount of time to age, and this means that some cheeses won’t be available at the same time each month.

In the mail out to the list, we will try to include as much detail as possible about what is included for each release, but please keep in mind, that as we are working with cheeses that have different aging times, and seasonal products, this may not always be possible.


7. Are you available in stores?

A: We are working on the details of several retail relationships right now, and will be announcing some details within a few weeks now, for real!! Currently, our cheeses are featured on the menus at the following restaurants: 

Field & Social

What's Up Hot Dog?

Watershed Arts Cafe

9. Are there classes or a book about plant-based cheese making?

A: Yes. Our founder, Karen McAthy, teaches classes at Homestead Junction. Plans for classes at a couple of other locations are also in the works. Check the Homestead Junction website, www.homesteadjunction.ca for latest class dates, our website, or our instagram. The course is a 3 day course, held over 3 weekends, and is homework driven with lecture/demo and guided feedback, designed to get you confident at home. The course sells out quickly, so we recommend asking to be put on the wait list at Homestead Junction. New locations and dates will be added this summer. 

Karen also teaches plant-based/vegan cooking classes at Cook Culture (Lonsdale, North Vancouver), and many of those courses will include some components of culturing and raw foods. 

Karen's book, The Art of Plant-based Cheesemaking was just released on May 1, and can be found in Indigo and Chapters select Book Warehouse locations, Cook Culture, Homestead Junction, or ordered online via New Society Publishers or Amazon. 


10. How long do the cheeses keep?

A: The cheeses keep for different amounts of time, but we suggest a storage period (in refrigeration) of up to 2 weeks. Other culinary products, such as our vegan butter, or some of our sauces will have storage times of up to 30 days.

11. Can the cheeses be frozen? 

A. No, we do not recommend freezing the cheeses. Freezing will remove too much moisture from the cheeses, and ruin the texture of the cheese. 

Please send specific questions regarding the cheeses or products to chef@blueheroncheese.com