We are very excited to invite you to purchase your subscription for March 16th and join us at BluHouse Market & Cafe in Deep Cove, North Van to pick up your subscription and do a little pop-up shopping as well!

The roads are clear, the drive is quick and beautiful, and Deep Cove is full of charm and hidden gems. 

We'll be joined by Amai Vegan Treats, Julie Beyer of Love of Food (Glow Goodies), and Emma Smith of Zimt Chocolate for another rendition of our 'Sweet and Cheesy' pop up! 

Details: Sweet and Cheesy Pick-Up/Pop-Up #2

Date: March 16th from 4pm-7pm

Location: Blu House Market & Cafe in Deep Cove, North Vancouver

Cheese Subscription: $35.00* - 3 Cheeses and 1 Butter

To sign up for the Cheese Subscription, visit our Cheese Store (HERE) and order yours before they sell out. 

Shop for other treats from our friends and treat yourself or a friend :)