Welcome to the Blue Heron Creamery plant-based cheese pre-order service!  While we are working on our retail and restaurant partner relationships, we offer a pre-order service for those who can't wait to try our cheeses (and other delights). It is kind of like a wine subscription or a CSA (community supported agriculture) box which you might purchase from a local farm, which means that sometimes we know exactly what will be ready, but sometimes, it will be a surprise. 

For a set price, you receive a variety of cheeses and products that we have available at the time. We release our inventory 2-4 times a month, depending on what is ready and available. 

Once we are ready to release the inventory, we send an email to our list of subscribers, and let you know when, where and generally what will be available in that particular release. Each person can then decide if they would like to pre-order for that round, or wait until a future one. 

Currently, most of our pick up events are hosted at the Juice Truck store (28, W 5th Ave, Vancouver) or Bluhouse Market & Cafe (Deep Cove, North Vancouver). 


Our subscription is $35.00 per release and you can choose how many releases a month you wish to buy, or you can pre-pay for several releases, and we notify you as to the dates of the releases. 

Sign up for the subscriber mail-out below and check out the next available pick up date on the Cheese Subscription Product Page.

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