Plant based cheesemaking is the new sauerkraut (insert diy fermentation project). Food and Wine magazine, declared earlier this year that plant based, dairy free, vegan cheese was the food item to watch for. We couldn't agree more!

Our first class, a three day course, based on content from Chef Karen McAthy's soon to be released "The Art of Plant Based Cheesemaking" (spring 2017, New Society Publishers), was held at Homesteading Junction ( ). The class sold out, and was well received by students. Karen and Eden had a great time seeing everybody's results and hearing about their experiences with their 'homework'. 

This current class, running from Nov. 27 - Dec. 11, also at Homesteading Junction, is already sold out, with a wait list, but we'll be announcing more dates soon for both the intro course, and an advanced course. We'll announce these dates to our subscribers, on instagram, and of course here.