• Italian Cultural Centre (map)
  • 3075 Slocan Street
  • Vancouver, BC, V5M 3E4
  • Canada

Vancouver! There have been many queries about when Karen's next class is, now the dates are confirmed!

Karen will be teaching her Intro to Plant-based Cheesemaking at The Italian Cultural Centre! The three day course (over three weeks) begins October, 12th!

Running Oct 12, 19th and 26th, this course is being held in the evenings, from 6pm-9pm. 

This three day course is homework driven, with a lecture/demo approach, designed to get students active in their experimentation at home!. The second and third dates of the course are lecture/demo with a large focus on review, assessment and troubleshooting the 'homework' students bring in. 

In the course, students will learn some of the core elements of apply lactic-acid fermentation to plant-based cheesemaking and :

* learn what 'cultures' are and what they do

* learn what role 'cultures' play in creating flavor and texture in cheesemaking

* learn how to grow, care for and use two plant derived starter cultures

* learn about the safe conditions for culturing/fermentation in the home

* how to trouble shoot common 'errors' 

* Learn about the variables that can affect outcomes.

Students are encouraged to bring notebooks and take notes. Handouts are emailed after the conclusion of each session. Pre-packaged, sealed starter culture materials are provided. 

Students in the Vancouver course are also given a %10 discount coupon for Eternal Abundance on Commercial Drive. Eternal Abundance sells a great many of the materials and ingredient students require for the assignments and for ongoing experimentation. 

The course concludes with a cheese tasting, with students sharing their 'homework'. 

To register (and more information) head to: https://italianculturalcentre.ca/blog/events/vegan-cheesemaking-karen-mcathy/