The last thing the internet needs is yet another blog, right? There are so many good ones out there, about so many things... so, we do apologise. We don't expect to revolutionize anything, we don't intend to preach or proselytize, tell you what to do, or what not to do.

We will share with you our thoughts on things that we are interested in or curious about, news about ourselves, news about our partners, and generally just try to participate in our own way in the blogosphere. 

In addition to sharing our views and such, we are interested in collaborating with and sharing our blogspace with partners and likeminded others. If you would be interested in doing a blog take-over, or writing a post or two, feel free to contact: OR

We might appear a little against the tide sometimes, we may be a little irreverent or maybe, only occasionally, even a little salty. These are interesting and complex times we are living in, and just like you, we are working to learn and understand how we can be better participants in this life we all share.