In Vancouver, pizza is all the rage. Brooklyn, Neapolitan, Roman, Vegan, and all other variants from big chain to artisan craft. While we are not quite sure how this became such a booming trend, we do know that folks seem to love a good pizza. We may not have any intention of opening up yet another pizza parlour, but we ARE testing our own variation of a vegan, dairy-free, plant-based bocconcini style mozza. 

Helping us with the hard work of taste testing, dairy-free ice cream maker  Say Hello Sweets, joined us for an evening of pizza, beer and wine, as we tested our bocconcini, pickled jalapeno and olive, and Beachwood cheeses on vegan gluten-free pizza crusts from The Gluten Free Chef

Photos from the evening are courtesy of Colin Medhurst. Want to join us for a #secrettastetest, send us an email, and we'll draw a name or two to join us for the next one.